The VIC Art Club is the organization at the Vienna International Centre that serves as an important focal point for art lovers. 

We provide a forum for budding and in-house artists from all over the world.  Most artists who exhibit through our Club are introduced to the committee by a sponsor, usually a VIC staff member.  One of our aims is to help exhibiting artists establish themselves in the art community at the VIC.

We are an agent of positive change, helping both to expand cultural horizons and to bridge cultures through the common language of art.  The artists who exhibit with us come from all over the world and bring with their art the unique “visual” language of their culture.

We hope that exposure to all these cultural markers will result in a lasting awareness of them and will foster a higher sense of international camaraderie among the VIC staff.

In addition, we hope to deepen appreciation of art and to enhance the positive influence art can have on our lives.  We wish to encourage members of the VIC public to take a closer look, to stimulate their curiosity, to excite them, and to tempt them to collect, or even try their hands at creating, beautiful works of art.

Last but not least, we hope to promote international and humanitarian causes, in particular, peace.